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An Instinct of Resilience

Even though you fail at the first time,

Pick yourself up and start to climb,

Like, the ants go up after every fall,

Mend yourself again and stand tall.

Even though you face negative changes,

Flow positively like the water of Ganges,

Like, the tardigrades being the most resilient fauna,

Stay strong like them in every kind of aura.

Even though you feel withered,

Blossom and don't get bothered,

Like, the resilient flower of Zinnia bloom,

Radiate strength which lights up the room.

Even though life gives you fatal hurricane,

Be pursuasive and not lame,

Like, the roots withstand all the storms

Stand firm during strain in every forms.

Even though you go through pain,

Practice this Mantra again and again,

Like, you always want to attain,

Be resilient for the happiness of your brain.

By Prarthana P. Sheth

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